how I got started

My journey into fitness as a lifestyle began when I was seven years old in mixed martial arts. For my parents, this was just another activity and a means to protect myself if need be. Fast-forward 12 years, and I’m still active in martial arts after becoming a national champion and second-degree black belt. The sport allowed me to learn the discipline, determination, hard work, and heart it takes to become the best that I can be, no matter the situation.

For training, I’d do 1000 push-ups, 1000 sit-ups, 500 leg lifts, and 500 crunches, every single day. This habit began to feel like a game, working my way up to two thousand reps of each exercise. Back then, I simply wanted to be the best martial artist of all time. This passionate outlook allowed me to develop a superior work ethic I carried into other sports.


I’d wake up at 4 AM and pay my friend ten dollars to rebound me for basketball practice, training and playing for countless hours. For track, I’d run every day until it felt like my legs would fall off, getting to the point that my coach would make me stop so I’d be able to run on race day.

Then came football. In grade nine, I played the first football game of my life, rushing for 300 yards and scoring 3 touchdowns. It was during that game I realized what all my training was for, and I never looked back. My desire to be the best was still thriving, and I’d train for hours every day, before and after practice. From sprints to agility work, I’d go until the field got dark and my mom yelled at me to come back home. This all may sound obscene, but I craved greatness. With plenty of hard work, I landed a scholarship to the University of Guelph and became the all-time running touchdown and rushing leader during my time as a running back for five years.


Currently, I’m living out my dream of greatness as a professional football player. You could say it was all worth it, but the most important takeaway of my journey? The process of learning to give back and the impact I’ve been able to make on others over the course of my journey. These experiences are better than any accolades I’ve received, because knowing I’m a part of something that changes a life is an irreplaceable feeling. 


What Have I Achieved During my Fitness Journey?

After years of training, dieting, and refining the techniques needed to achieve my best body - both mentally and physically - I am now a Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates instructor, and movement specialist. Over the last five years, my goal has been to help other achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals. My experiences have helped me design a fitness style to help people lose weight, lower body fat, gain muscle, and cultivate longevity in every aspect of their life.


Fulfilled my dream

I’ve become a professional football player, and more importantly, found my passion - helping people reach their physical goals.

Studied my industry

As a nationally qualified bodybuilder complimented by a trophy, I’ve overcome the stigma that says, “I cannot do both.”

Reached my goals

As an all-time award-winning running back for the Guelph Gryphons, my work ethic helped me exceed my goals and beat records.

“My message to you all who is reading this, is to know that you are capable of being and doing anything you want in life. You must believe, execute and never give up. You are not alone, you’ll never be alone because there will always be that one person in your life who will care for you and want to see the best you”
— Johnny Augustine

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