Longevity & Eldoa

As many of you know and understand, my belief of the practice of flexibility, mobility for

longevity. I preach the practice of doing yoga and Pilates on a regular basis and to incorporate into your

life. Reason being are the benefits that it brings such as good posture, injury prevention, functional

movement and body awareness. Why is it that we often pull something or get hurt doing the simplest

things such as walking, lifting groceries bags, playing with our kids or climbing up and down stairs.

However, lifting weights, constant running, constant moving from one place to another, our bodies

have adapted with little to no pain at all. But we never tend to give it a chance to rest, I am not

talking about a day off from work or sleeping in or the physical body itself. I am talking about resting are


Myofascial tissue is a type of thin, strong, fibrous connective tissue that extends throughout

your body to provide support and protection to your muscles and bones. However due to constant

stress on the body this causes chronic myofascial pain which is ongoing or longer-lasting pain that can

affect the connective tissue (fascia) of a muscle or group of muscles. With myofascial pain there is

constant trigger points in the fascia or in a tight muscle. “You know when you get a deep massage and

the therapist puts their elbows right along you IT band or quads or just that sweet spot, and you are

screaming and thinking what the heck did you get yourself into” this is the sign that your myofascial is

extremely tight and in dire need of attention. Stretching is a great step to lengthen out the muscle,

Pilates helps stabilize but we need to help the fascia underneath that literally helps move and function

the muscles. We shouldn’t get a massage 24/7 to help release this tension. We should be able to do our

own self care. “In my constant studies and open-minded spirit, I have learned that there is a way to help

the fascia, and a cheaper route than constant massages or treatments from doctors and therapist.

“Eldoa” What is Eldoa you are thinking? Eldoa is myofascial stretching that uses very specific and

complex techniques that require strong attention to form and correct progressions. Myofascial

stretching is one of the safest and most effective ways to create space and balance in the body. The goal

of every myofascial stretch is to put into tension the fascia that encases the muscles to put the length

and function of the fascial chains. The flexibility gains from myofascial stretches can help improve your

joint mobility, and overall health. In addition, Eldoa creates space throughout the body, increased blood

flow, injury recovery, reduced degrees of scoliosis and reduced stress. These are the few of many more

benefits that the practice of Eldoa can do for you.

Finding sports created an imagination for me, finding

football created a dream for me, finding yoga, Pilates and now Eldoa has created a long life for me. It

does not matter what you do or who you are. You can do things beyond your wildest dreams because of

the amazing physical attributes of are body. In return, you should keep this body to the best you can. I

always like to use this analogy “You look at sports cars, lamborgani, Ferrari or a Camaro. You know that

you will give it the best fuel and oil to go fast and drive strong, all these cars without these fuels, well

they are no good” so what’s the difference between us and the car? Nothing. As follow, no matter age,

gender or lack of weakness, we can give are bodies the attention it needs and have our bodies be the

best each year. After reading this, I hope that you take the next step in giving your body the proper

attention it needs. Now bringing Eldoa into my practice has given me new excitement because I know I

am continuing to add extra years into my lives. As you see below these exercises are unique and tuff in

its own manner. I don’t care how much you can lift, how genetically gifted you are or who you are. Eldoa

will give you the necessary requirements to have the true meaning of overall awareness and longevity.