My Promise to You

With a dedication of only 8, 12, or 16 weeks, I’ll get you in the best shape of your life and share access to the techniques and secrets I have used to knock down both mine and my client’s goals.

Whether you’ve got a lot of weight to lose or you’ve never lifted a weight in your life, your fitness journey is all about the steps you take today. What’s stopping you from being the best you?



Aaron Magarinhos

I’ve always been physically active, playing sports and exercising. My job as an Ironworker is also very physically demanding with a lot of repetitive movements and being in awkward positions. I was always very sore and tight and had very bad mobility. Even though I went to the gym regularly, I still had a lot of stiffness and pain. Plus, I had gained some extra weight that I couldn’t shake.

When I first met with Johnny I couldn’t even squat and I didn’t make it through our first session together. But he helped me realize that I needed to eat more to properly fuel my body and he incorporated HIIT into our workouts, which I found much more enjoyable than straight cardio. He also gave me a 5 to 7-minute stretching warm-up that I would do before every training session and that really helped open up my hips and got rid of much of the shooting pain that I had in my hips and down my legs. I went from not being able to squat at all to squatting 190 lbs in 10 weeks.

Johnny is very knowledgeable and tailored my workout specific to my needs. I learned a lot from him and really enjoyed training with him. I would definitely recommend using him, and if you aren’t convinced by what I have to say, just one session with him will change your mind. As long as you are willing to put in the work you will see results.

Mike Spivak

I have been working with Johnny for about 8 months now. My goals were to trim down but get stronger at the same time I also have some mobility issues that needed to be addressed. I have found Johnny's training to be very effective. For instance, my bench press went from about 225 to 260, back squat from 300 to about 370 and my standing press is in the 145-150 range.

Johnny has worked with me on my diet helping me to dial it in to feed myself enough food to keep getting stronger but also not to gain extra weight in the process. My mobility and my conditioning are improving but could be better as I don't always follow the programming rigidly like I should - when I do, I see results. However, if you have goals and want to get there trust Johnny to get you there. 

Samantha Slingsby

Johnny has helped me so much over this last year. When I first started training with him I was lost and ready to give up on my weight loss goals. I not only didn’t believe in myself but I had almost given up on my ability and believing there was more for myself.

Losing weight is not an easy task but Johnny saw past the weight and saw someone who needed a push in the right direction.

He is so caring and kind and pushes you hard when your training. He was there every step of the way for me and I even found myself reaching  out to him when I was struggling outside of the gym. He never held it against me if I had a bad day or a bad week. He always said today is a new day start now, the past doesn’t matter let’s do this together. His words of encouragement pushed me to do my best and be the best I could be. He never let me give up when we were training and never let me tell myself I couldn’t. His training is hard but the feeling it gives you is so worth it.

When I started training with Johnny I was wearing a size 28 and I was getting married the following October. I bought my wedding dress in a size 22 and had to have it altered because it was to big. That was the best feeling ever and  I owe it all to Johnny for taking me under his wing and pushing me to do it. Thou I have a long way to go in regards to weight loss, I felt and looked amazing on my wedding day and for once in my life I felt comfortable in my own skin and I felt beautiful.

Johnny has a genuine way about himself and makes it easy to follow your dreams. He sets goals for you and expects you to reach them but treats you as a friend along the way, he comes on the journey with you and it makes you want to work hard and push yourself more.

Samantha Slingsby Wedding.jpg

Patrick Pierre

My first session with Johnny was very useful, unique, and opened my eyes on how effective Pilates can be. As a football player my body really takes a toll as the season progresses but with the help of Pilates, i'm able to work my weakness which allows me to still move efficiently far into the season. Pilates has really changed my perspective on the way I prepare my body for each season. Thank you Johnny.

Taj Gill

Hey guys, My name is Taj. I am a 2016 CFL combine athlete. I first initially reached out to Johnny for a proper nutrition guide for a healthy lifestyle. That being said, during that time, I developed my best physique yet and increased my athletic performance to the next level. While on this journey, I learned so much about myself, body and proper nutrition. I felt so confident to have Johnny by my side during this cut. He truly makes it feel like WE are in this together.

His passion for answering all my questions, accommodating so I can get it done while pushing and motivating me is something you really appreciate during the long stretch of the cut. While working with Johnny I lost 20 pounds and increased all my performance numbers for a personal record. The best part is the confidence I built in myself during that time. I can’t thank Johnny enough for all his help!

Daniel Fascione

The diet and training has been amazing and I've never felt stronger at a lower body fat percentage. The fact that I get to eat all day and still lose weight has been amazing considering I used to eat less meals per day and still would keep the weight on. My lifestyle in general and my mental health has never been better and it keeps my school and sleep on track.

This of course has helped me with football too because I'm faster now at a lighter weight and I never am sluggish at practice because of the good food. Committing to this journey with you has been the best decision I have made because it is not just about looking good, it's about the way it makes me feel. Anyone who is looking to turn their life around definitely needs to get in contact with you because you have all of the tools and knowledge to make it happen. Thanks brother, much love.

Justin Thibodeau

I can't begin to explain how important Johnny was in helping me achieve my health and fitness goals. Throughout the process Johnny was there constantly checking in and keeping me motivated,  always helping me push through any obstacles that came in my way. It was nice knowing he truly cared about me not only as a client, but as a person, ensuring I was headed in the right direction for my fitness journey.

He helped design me a meal plan that fit my lifestyle as student in terms of schedule, budget, and accessibility for meal preparation. He even provided me with some great examples of meals that would fit my meal plans macronutrient requirements. This made it extremely easy for me to keep my diet in check and help me reach my goals. Along with that he also designed a high intensity workout plan to help me burn as much body fat as possible. It consisted of a variety of workouts that always kept my body wondering what was next, while still taking into consideration how much time I had regularly for my exercise and stretching.

Overall Johnny is my go-to guy, he’s personable, funny, motivational and an overall great person to work with. I look forward to continue working with Johnny as I constantly set new heights for my health and fitness goals. Thanks Johnny.



These three things I’ve moulded into my life. Give me these three things and together, we’ll transform you into something that will never be forgotten. No matter what your goal is or obstacle we face, we are in this together.